Diesel & Daisy

Diesel & Daisy is a store based in Stanford, Western Cape, and sells second-hand and used items, from antiques to items sitting on your shelves, situated in an old junk yard, you can peruse the old cars and items lying around.

Brief: To create a brand that is masculine – as the area will be in a junk yard, and feminine for the prettier side to the store. The name was given to us, Diesel & Daisy, and we had to put a “face” to the name.

Solution: Diesel is a masculine word, you usually think, Vin Diesel or a pitbull with the name Diesel, Strong and powerful, so of course it had to be in all capitals, with a thick, bold typeface. Daisy, is a happy-go-lucky word, made pretty by it being the name of the flower, flowers are soft and delicate, as such a soft, flowy typeface was chosen to represent it. We were given the simple image of a typical white and yellow daisy, and we illustrated it, and chose the main colour of the logo from the image, a slightly golden yellow.

Thoughts from the designer: We LOVED working with this brand, it was fantastic and helped us move into a store environment. We created the item tags and had the printed for the store. A lot of wonderful comments from customers have come in about it. We are so happy.